First Congregational Church of Boylston
Monday, January 27, 2020
Celebrating 275 Years of Ministry!
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Christian Outreach

What we do
Section D from the Church by-laws
Board of Christian Outreach and Service
  1. The Board of Christian Outreach and Service shall consist of six members, four of whom shall be elected by the Congregation to serve three year terms and until their successors are elected. One member shall be appointed by the Women's Fellowship and one by the Ladies Benevolent Society each to serve for a term of one year. With the exception of these two appointed members a member shall be ineligible to serve for a period of one year after having served two consecutive full terms on the Board.
  2. The Board of Christian Outreach and Service shall provide and maintain effective programs of outreach of the Church. It shall be concerned with providing for the carrying out of the Church's mission, both local and worldwide.
  3. The Board shall be responsible for:
    1. Presenting programs or courses of action believed reasonable and necessary to fulfill the Church's obligation with respect to missionary and service concerns;
    2. Keeping generally informed on, and identifying, social and moral issues or practices of concern to the Christian Church. Developing programs or courses of action which are directed toward those issues or practices.
    3. Arranging for funding of recommended projects and programs.